The latest apps for cyclists, hikers and walkers

Hikers, walkers, off-road travelers, cyclists as well as other outdoor enthusiasts are always on the lookout for satellite phones to provide them with a lifeline during these adventures. They are looking for phones such as the Iridium 9555, Iridium 9575, and also the Isatphone Pro with the addition of a pre paid sim as these give them an opportunity to connect with their friends and family. Also, you get an impeccably clear voice quality when you are on a satellite network.

The kind of satellite phone which these people look for needs to be compact, portable, easy to use as well as data enabled. These phones let them stay connected with family, friends and even their businesses when their adventures have taken them out of cell coverage areas. These phones allow users to experience superior performance as critical communications tend to happen in an instant. There will be a small time delay but the network will be able to transmit even a whisper. Being data enabled means fast data speeds and enabling emails, file transfers, and various other basic services.

This kind of satellite phone is available in major retail outlets as well as online and also through a dealer network. Such a phone is a good option for you to plan as well as get route guidance. You can even mount it on your handlebar and use it as your route creation tool.

In fact, a satellite mobile phone will automatically plot your location once you switch it on. Then the web site will help you to plan as well as map your trip. Or else, it can record and download your ride. Emergency numbers can be easily stored in your phone. This emergency number may put you through to your local police, highway patrol, or even your local embassy or consulate. These phones are improving day by day by incorporating new features and the latest in technology. Rent one today for peace of mind at

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