The isatphonepro Lite dock combo

The IsatPhone Pro dock combo offers users a high quality voice output while roaming in any place around the world, especially in remote locations that are not covered by the regular cellular access. The phone is however not a smartphone, but it allows the user to access emails, make voice calls, text and use basic GPS location services.

This device is ideal to adventurers who travel deep in uninhabited lands or people in areas that are prone to disasters.

The phone usually operates through a geostationary satellite i.e. the three-satellite Inmarsat-4 network that is guaranteed to be in operation until 2020s at least.

Features of the handset

This is a basic satellite phone that comes with several features, like calendar, minute minder-in-call alert, alarm, calculator and microphone muting. It comes with a Lithium-ion battery of 3.7 volts that can take you about 8 hours of talk time and up to 100 hours of standby time. The handset allows you to synchronize tour contacts with MS Outlook 2007 (PC) with OS compatibility of Windows XP ProSP3 and Windows vista SP1. It also comes in multiple languages, i.e. Arabic, Spanish, French, English, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. These languages are supported at various levels of the handset including the Keyboard, phone, SIM and network.
The satellite phone also has a speakerphone option and a 2.4kbps voice codec.

Other supplementary voice services supported by IsatPhone pro include; call history/waiting/diverting/ID/holding/barring, conferencing, speed dialing and fixed number dialing.
The text-to-text feature gives you 160 Latin and 74 non Latin characters in a single text.

It also has a standard and predictive text capability. Users are also able to use the text-to-email feature which allows them to send 160 character emails. Users also enjoy a free web message-to-IsatPhone Pro service that is accessible at The GPS location data enables viewing of the user’s current position and allows sending of that information via text or email.

This satellite phone is therefore ideal for hikers, sailors, campers, walkers and any other group which is ready to travel way off the beaten path while seeking advanture.

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